A Wave of Love

Featuring K. E. Gipson, on bass and lead acoustic guitar, and Jody Seidman, percussion and vocals

Emotions…by Marilyn Jean Pope
A Wave of Love (2020 Remaster)
A Wave of Love

A wave of love is rising,
and cresting high it crashes down
upon the rocks.
Upon the shore
a million souls come out of hiding
to sing the song
and join the dance,
and to the last, in joy,
become as One again.
To rise again!

My heart is flying!
Up through the roof
and through the clouds
up to the stars
beyond imagination’s door.
There is no hiding behind form;
the faceless smile,
the tranquil rage,
I catch my breath
and slip away
into the day.

(there is no God but God)

© Mark Gregory Petrie / Mystic Dream Merchants Publishing / ASCAP