mgp circa 1999
aka Mark Peters

Welcome to the website of mg petrie (Mark Gregory Petrie), aka Mark Peters, (the stage name I used earlier in my career). I have created this site to share my original music with the public at large and as an archive for the music I’ve created over the years but never really tried to market or commercialize. I am hoping it will find its way into some of your hearts and that you will share it with others.

I owned and operated an audio studio in Sacramento, California named Soundburst Digital. A lot of the music on this site was produced there with the help of friends and clients who became friends. As my life changed directions in the ensuing years, I decided to shelve my creations until I felt the time was right (and the recordings were mixed and mastered to my satisfaction) to release them. This site will evolve as I add additional pieces from my archives, and create new ones.

The STORE link above, (below the Soundburst Digital header on every page, or find in “MENU” on tablets or phones) will connect you to a page where you can buy my album Bhakti Station, soon, Forevernow and eventually a large selection of High Resolution audio discs (Stereo and Multi-Channel SACD’s and DVD-Audio discs) and other rare CD’s from my personal collection. Meanwhile, you can click the links below to listen to full length MP3’s of all my music on this site. Please do visit the store to download high quality versions in the format of your choice so you can add them to your collection and create playlists on any of your devices.

Use the “Contact” link for comments and licensing info. ENJOY!

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Click above link to access complete album mp3’s and additional links to lyrics and info


Click above link to access complete album mp3’s and additional links to lyrics and info

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Soundburst Digital Editorial

Bhakti Archeology

The road to Bhakti Station (the unreleased previous album versions)

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