Featuring Kate Christmas on 2nd vocal.

Paroisse d’Assesse / Chante Alléluia au Seigneur / detail

The sun that shines, the rain that pours,
breaking waves on a distant shore.

The darkest night, the brightest day;
it couldn’t be any other way.

The breeze that blows, the wind that howls,
sowing seeds, growing flowers.

The stars that shine, the moon that glows,
makes me wonder why everyone don’t know.

The soul in flight, the heart that soars
the greatest heights opens any door.


A smiling face, a broken heart,
the perfect time and a place to start.

You take me high, you take me low,
you make me change and you make me grow.

You give me joy, you give me life,
you give me hope and you give me light.

And you love me, and you feed me,
and you need me; like I need you.


And I love you (and you love me)
and I need you (and you need me)
and I feed you (and you feed me)
like you feed me.


© Mark Gregory Petrie / Mystic Dream Merchants Publishing / ASCAP