Cry For You

This song features my dear friend Jon Todd Greco on flute. And a video

Cry For You
“Cry For You” 2020 Remaster mp3
Cry For You

Brother of mine,
tell me one more time.
My sister in need,
come again, if you please.

(chorus) Oh, how’d you make it through?
How many companeros did you have to lose?
We never saw it on the evening news.
How could we know what they put you through?
How could we know?
How could we cry for you?

Native sons of these native lands,
born to slave, forced to make a stand.
Anguished cries across the centuries;
a plea for justice, peace and liberty.

Brother of mine,
do you have the time?
My sister in need,
lend a hand if you please.


Oh, now that we know the truth,
tell me, who, who, who’s  gonna cry for you?
Tell me who, who’s gonna cry for you?
Cry for you, cry for you,
We’re gonna cry, take your cries to the world for you.
Gonna cry to the world for you.

© Mark Gregory Petrie / Mystic Dream Merchants Publishing / ASCAP